22 3 / 2012

You know.
If you wanna go around and fuck everything that walks.
That’s your choice, and baby more power to you.
Boy or girl, man or woman, if you have the confidence to walk around without a mate and take whomever you want.
That’s awesome.
I did it too.

There is never ever any reason why you should be committed to someone.
And then fuck whoever you want.
Unless the relationship is poly-amorous and BOTH partners are okay with the person you’re having sex with. It. Is. Not. Okay.

Why would you ever be such a cruel person as to date someone
And then go and do shit with another person?

So you’re dating someone and you meet the person of your dreams?
Leave the person you’re dating, and go with the other person.
Don’t do shit behind your partner’s back because you don’t want to hurt them.
You already are.
And if you suddenly feel like you don’t want to be in a relationship?
Break up with your partner.
Yeah, they’re gonna think you’re shitty, but the fun of their side of the break-up is calling you a bastard in private to their friends.
And if you think you are one for doing it, well there’s really no reason you should care.
And if they’re immature and make a big deal out of it, guess what, that puts you on top.

So don’t fucking cheat.
It’s low and it’s wrong and there’s no reason for it.

My rant is sporadic but dammit.
tl;dr DON’T CHEAT.