08 5 / 2012

That’s actually kinda hard to choose.
I mean you have to consider controls, story, difficulty, so many things >.>

The first two that come to mind would be

Sly Cooper 2

Metal Gear Solid 3

Now coincidentally, Sly 2 was the first game I played in the Sly Cooper series, and Snake Eater was the first I played in the MGS series.
They’re tied for best gameplay in my opinion.

I’ll start with Sly.
First off, even though I hadn’t played the first game, the story was put together well enough that I did not get lost during any part of it, there were just some unanswered questions that were answered once I played the first one. I like that.
Secondly this game is fun as fucking hell. I have a game save that is 100% and probably has like.. 70+ hours of gameplay because I had so much fun pickpocketing, buying every weapon and upgrade and finding every clue bottle and ah. I just. I love dis game. So fun.
All of the characters are beautiful. Like I feel like they were all made so perfectly, even if that made them annoying like I stated about Bentley on day 5 or 6. Sly is playable exactly as he should be as are Murray and Bentley. Like. I love it. And the NPC’s as well. Like Neyla was an amazing NPC, even if I hate her fucking guts. Absolutely amazing, I think.

Now Metal Gear.
I had noooooo idea how big this game was.
I didn’t know it went back to NES, I didn’t realize I was playing the prequel. Like, I was completely oblivious to what this game was. And it’s stunning.
One things should be stated, I hate shooters. More particularly the first person variety, but third person isn’t much better.
The storyline is wonderful. And I don’t mean the part about the whole war, and the metal gear and all of that. Honestly I hate the cut scenes that are such a trademark of these games. I mean between the characters. It’s beautiful.
Snake, the Boss, Ocelot, Eva, everyone is so wonderfully developed. Like holy shit. Characters and story are so amazing.
The main reason I don’t like shooters is the controls. There are so many, and they’re generally confusing and hard to pull off. (At least for me.)
I fucking kicked this game’s ass.
By the time I was halfway through i was in love with the controls and the way the game played. I looked forward to coming home everyday just so I could play it. It’s fucking. Ah.
Not to mention this game is fun as hell, and long as hell.
I love games that are long because you can just sit and play forever. I love it.

Difficulty wise, both games were challenging, but not impossible. They were just right.

I love both of these games, and of all the games I’ve played, these have the best gameplay for me.