29 4 / 2012

I’d like to begin by saying that I’ve looked up to you a good portion of my life.

Not aspired to be like you, not really, but you’ve been a rock in the family that we don’t even have.


You are an idiot, and I’m losing faith in you here.

One. When I was baking cookies, you didn’t know that bread kept the brown sugar from getting hard. I understand you don’t use it NOW, but I’m sure you used to. Also considering your mom and our grandma, there is no way in fucking hell this was not told to you at some point in your life. So what the hell?

Two. Vitamin D helps your body ABSORB calcium, it does not sap it from your bones. You need vitamin D, it is fucking essential. People with the lowest vitamin D levels are twice as likely to die from heart disease and other causes than those with the highest. They’re also twice as likely to have a heart attack.
The sun boosts your body’s production of the vitamin.
If it sapped the calcium from your bones and jump started osteoporosis, everyone living in Vegas would be a mutant fucking slug person by age 15, schlumping down the strip on custom made scooters to accommodate your twisted ass world.

If it sapped the calcium from your bones, everytime you take Jake to the park you’re putting him in danger. I know for a damn fact you don’t put sunscreen on him, and if he’s in the sun for 15 minutes he’s getting a full days worth of vitamin D.

Your cousin

17 12 / 2011

I can feel my collar and hip bones now.

It’s not like they’re protruding and look really gross and I look emaciated.
I’ve just lost enough weight to actually be able to feel them.
And know what you’re touching >.>
And all I lost was 12 pounds.
And I lost it naturally, I think from just walking and running.
I’m 148.

I’m happy with this.
And I love feeling my hip bones.
I don’t even know why. Lol.