23. Something You Always Think “What if…” About

What if I had never watched that video by Nova that Brandon sent me about 5 months ago? Would I have still found the Creatures?

What if I had never dated Matt? Would I feel less self conscious about long term relationships?

What if Mike and I stay together when he leaves for the army? How the fuck am I going to handle that?

23. A photo of your friend as a baby

I’m pouncing on her.
We had fun as kits.

I don’t even have a baby picture of me.
Why would I have one of my friend?
And I’m not taking a picture of my yearbook man.

Day 23 - Your biggest regret

I don’t like to have regrets.
It’s no use feeling bad about something that happened.
It won’t change, it can’t change.
There’s a quote I’ve seen all over the internet that sorta sums it up well.

Don’t live with regrets, because at the time it was exactly what you wanted.

Aerosmith 30 Day Challenge

Day 23 - Favorite song off of Just Push Play

I choose Beyond Beautiful, because it’s so lovely.

I would have chosen Jaded, but I already went into how important Jaded was on a different day in this challenge. So.

Honorable Mentions:
Just Push Play
Luv Lies

Red Hot Chili Peppers 30 Day Challenge

Day 23 - A song that makes you dance

It’s like every chance I get, I pick this song xD