09 2 / 2012

01 2 / 2012

Very patiently for Creature House videos.

Mainly the tour.
And Gassy and Seamus’ trip.

Why is it so exciting seeing them in person and not just playing a game?

Then again I do that with Renee’s videos too.

And Diction’s….

I think I just like people or something.

17 12 / 2011

That I was really happy Nova retweeted one of my tweets?

Probably, probably.
Oh well.

Renee did too.
Renee favorited one of my tweets as well.

06 12 / 2011

Should marry me.

And if not him then James.

And if not James then Seamus.

Or all three.
I’m down for some Creaturous polygamy.

25 11 / 2011

This is the best thing ever.
My word…