15 4 / 2013

If anyone knows of any youtube commentators/walkthrough makers, who are informative about the games they play, including the controls and how the game plays, lemme know!

Gotta do some research~

08 5 / 2012

That’s actually kinda hard to choose.
I mean you have to consider controls, story, difficulty, so many things >.>

The first two that come to mind would be

Sly Cooper 2

Metal Gear Solid 3

Now coincidentally, Sly 2 was the first game I played in the Sly Cooper series, and Snake Eater was the first I played in the MGS series.
They’re tied for best gameplay in my opinion.

I’ll start with Sly.
First off, even though I hadn’t played the first game, the story was put together well enough that I did not get lost during any part of it, there were just some unanswered questions that were answered once I played the first one. I like that.
Secondly this game is fun as fucking hell. I have a game save that is 100% and probably has like.. 70+ hours of gameplay because I had so much fun pickpocketing, buying every weapon and upgrade and finding every clue bottle and ah. I just. I love dis game. So fun.
All of the characters are beautiful. Like I feel like they were all made so perfectly, even if that made them annoying like I stated about Bentley on day 5 or 6. Sly is playable exactly as he should be as are Murray and Bentley. Like. I love it. And the NPC’s as well. Like Neyla was an amazing NPC, even if I hate her fucking guts. Absolutely amazing, I think.

Now Metal Gear.
I had noooooo idea how big this game was.
I didn’t know it went back to NES, I didn’t realize I was playing the prequel. Like, I was completely oblivious to what this game was. And it’s stunning.
One things should be stated, I hate shooters. More particularly the first person variety, but third person isn’t much better.
The storyline is wonderful. And I don’t mean the part about the whole war, and the metal gear and all of that. Honestly I hate the cut scenes that are such a trademark of these games. I mean between the characters. It’s beautiful.
Snake, the Boss, Ocelot, Eva, everyone is so wonderfully developed. Like holy shit. Characters and story are so amazing.
The main reason I don’t like shooters is the controls. There are so many, and they’re generally confusing and hard to pull off. (At least for me.)
I fucking kicked this game’s ass.
By the time I was halfway through i was in love with the controls and the way the game played. I looked forward to coming home everyday just so I could play it. It’s fucking. Ah.
Not to mention this game is fun as hell, and long as hell.
I love games that are long because you can just sit and play forever. I love it.

Difficulty wise, both games were challenging, but not impossible. They were just right.

I love both of these games, and of all the games I’ve played, these have the best gameplay for me.

21 4 / 2012

Due to the pretty much complete lack of pictures for this game, and the fact I have yet to meet anyone who’s heard of it or played it, I think it’s safe to say this one is underrated.

It’s by no means Game of the Year of anything, but Future Tactics is actually pretty damn good I think.

The storyline is tad weird with some strange guy who shows up turning out to be one of the characters’ future selves. But I enjoyed it.
The gameplay is different from anything I’d ever done before; it’s turn based, so one team goes and then the other goes. It’s easy to pick up on and it’s actually a pretty awesome style once you understand the game.

Honestly I thought it was going to be stupid once I looked at the cover (I got it for Christmas) and my thoughts weren’t really changed when I popped it into my Playstation. But once I got the hang of it and started to play, I realized I actually really like this game.

It’s definitely different, but it’s underrated and my rambling don’t prove either of these things.


01 3 / 2012

So yeah. This is my SNES, N64, PS2, VCR and CD Collection.
Pretty much, playing video games, watching movies and listening to music.
My gamecube is unfortunately at Shaylee’s ;-;

31 12 / 2011

I’m gonna finally do it…
I’m gonna… I’m gonna play God of War.

I think.
Twilight Princess is right there.
It’s so tempting, but it starts out so slow.

New game.

04 12 / 2011

I&#8217;mma go play this all night now and attempt to not be bothered by the fact that Ratchet&#8217;s voice is not the same as it was in the first game.

I’mma go play this all night now and attempt to not be bothered by the fact that Ratchet’s voice is not the same as it was in the first game.