Mike’s asleep, and I’m awake because I can’t sleep at night anymore.

And I’m really sad and lonely and bored and I just wish I had some sort of friend to spend time with right now.

Dah old bagWith my beautiful Aerosmith patch

Dah old bag
With my beautiful Aerosmith patch


Crying Because Renee Has Lost Love For Me


11. Your Current Relationship, If Single Discuss How Single Life Is

My current relationship.

He’s perfect.
I love him.
He’s going into the army.
What happens when he leaves, I am uncertain.

All I know is I don’t want him to.
And I’m going to miss him so much.

I Find So Many

Awesome t-shirts and t-shirt sites online.


Makes me nostalgic as fuck ;_;

Kinda Sadface

To see pictures and videos and gifs tweaking out because inevitable unfortunate things are happening to my poor dear laptop :(

And that I have nothing to do on New Year’s except go to Shaylee’s and get drunk with her hubby and watch them be all over each other all night.
Or stay home with Amber, waiting for HER hubby to get home and then we all go to bed.
Especially since I was gonna do my hair and my makeup.
And I just bought a cute shirt last night that I figured I’d christen on New Year’s Eve just cause I can.

And I never do that shit.
And I was gonna.
But it seems pointless if my time is just going to be spent with one married couple or another.


I dunno.
I’m stupid.
I want my fucking cookies.

I Never Played Video Games

And I only watched one movie.
I feel like my day was sort of a fail.

The movie was Earth Girls Are Easy.
I dunno how I feel about that.

I Bought A 7-Up Tonight

Since I moved to Vegas I haven’t had a single soda.
That’s almost 3 months without one.

This 7-Up tastes like shit.
And I’m not worried about the fact I paid 1.50 for it.
I’m worried that Sunday my “HOLYSHITYOU’REHERE!!!!!” squirrly from Brian will not taste as delicious as they did before I left.

Course I could never turn anything down from that gorgeous blue eyed bear, so I’ll have to drink it.
I just hope squirrly’s still taste as sweet, if only for that day D;

I Feel

Really fucking sexy with this new red hair of mine.
Not gonna lie.

Netflix timez <3
Alone ._.