16 2 / 2012

That I’m happy that I received my camera cord in the mail

And a wonderfully sweet letter from a straight girl with a bf who lives in California

And that I had an awesome SINGLE v-day.

Don’t comment on it about how your ex treated you like a princess.

There are few couples I care about, you are not one of them, actually.
And I really don’t wanna hear how sweet your bf is, if he’s a douchebag.

Renee and Max?

Seamus and Ashh?

Nick and Bears?

You and Your Ex Making Ammends?

You just make me want to stab myself in the face, because you’re obnoxious and you’re gross and I hate hearing about this stuff from you.
Cause I always do.
And I’m always single.
And I. Am bored with you.
You’re uninteresting.

And YOU, is a very broad term aimed at pretty much anyone I know with a significant other.
Pretty much anyone, not everyone.
But close.

26 1 / 2012

Being single on Valentine’s Day every year.

Every year.

Except last year.
But that was almost worse than being single.

Which I guess should make me not care about lack of boyfriend on the 14th of February.

But it’d be nice to celebrate holidays with someone who gave as much of a shit as I did.
Rather than no one or someone who just enjoyed getting shit from me.

Instead I get to spend it with depressed single people, because my lovey dovey couple friends will be out doing lovey dovey couple-y things.


22 1 / 2012

To spend money on.

Renee, Nonpeta, Lexi and possibly Stacy are all getting something special I saw today.

As well as some cool nerdy stuff I found for myself online last night.

And then Valentines for all the girls I know.
I should maybe send them to all the guys too, but something tells me they wouldn’t want it/them due to lack of manliness.

But yeah.

It’s gonna be a friendly February :)