He Looks

So fucking cute laying there sleeping <3
I wish I was tired so I could go cuddle.
But I’d just be laying there awkwardly smelling wonderfulness and being bored out of my mind.

So hai tumblr.

Hai Tumblr

I’mma go play stuff on the emulators Ben put on my computer while I pet his kitten Paul who is adorable as fuck.


Say Mew Is Aborable


Jesus Christ.

That was just the first one that came to mind, too.
I don’t even think Mew is that adorable.

My word, people.
I like it though :3

I love you Jakey :3

I don’t know if my being Damien fueled my love for foxes.
Or if it was always sort of there.
But foxes are just so fucking.



Fucking love corgis :D

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