04 9 / 2012

I have permission to bone Seann William Scott, but not Anthony Kiedis because he’s done too many drugs.

Mook what are you doing to me.

16 8 / 2012

Saw a post about couples hacking each others facebooks.

"I like to bathe in fish oil and roll around in bread crumbs after a long weekend."

To get pumped before a workout I squeeze the juice of a lemon into each eye while listening to “Born This Way” at the highest possible volume.”


14 6 / 2012

I got new glasses and also a new phone

I kissed Mike a lot

His sister loves me, as does his momma. She called me an angel, and the only other people she calls angels are Mike’s other sister, and his uncle. 

I grew a mustache

Found a camel spider

Went to the movies and have been rebellious

It’s been a pretty nice recent life.
I also potty trained my cousin, didn’t get much sleep and have been extremely happy. <3

07 5 / 2012

I’m 90% sure my boyfriend is no longer going into the army.
This means he won’t be going back to Jersey.
Meaning he’s staying here.

I have 5 days off this week.
This made me cry at first; I can’t survive on 13 hours. That’s maybe $100.
No. Not possible.
Then I thought, well whatever, I’ll have a full tank of gas, this is shitty, but I’m gonna fucking enjoy myself.
Gotta babysit those 5 days, not necessarily ALL day but at least part of them, to make up for rent.

I bought the newest season of Family Guy, I’m pretty fucking happy about that.

My grandma isn’t going to make it through chemo, and she’s going to die of cancer very soon. I already knew this. I by absolutely no means wanted this to happen, of fucking course not. It’s my grandma. But when I was told she had a 50/50 chance of making it through the chemo, I knew better than to get my hopes up with the way everything had been going with her. I also very likely cannot see her before she goes. I’m upset, but not very. I love her, I don’t want her to die, but I can’t let it bring me down. She wouldn’t want us to be sad she was gone, she just wants to know we care, and she knows. All we can do is love and support her now, and when the time comes be prepared.

I’ve had a really really really good week, I’m so happy and grateful for the week I have had. Words cannot express how nice it feels for everything to be going to fucking smoothly for once. Nothing has ever been THIS smooth. Like seriously.



02 5 / 2012

But I will never ever ever ever be afraid if he’s with me.
Because he is a crazy fuck.

23 4 / 2012

16 4 / 2012

15 4 / 2012

What if I had never watched that video by Nova that Brandon sent me about 5 months ago? Would I have still found the Creatures?

What if I had never dated Matt? Would I feel less self conscious about long term relationships?

What if Mike and I stay together when he leaves for the army? How the fuck am I going to handle that?

13 4 / 2012

At the moment, no matter how hard I try, I can’t get over the impending sadness of losing Mike.

Whether it be because we break up when he leaves, or we stay together but he’ll be gone.

I can’t get over it right now.
It’s just sitting there in the back of my mind all the time.

I hate it.

12 4 / 2012

Okay he’s not a something, he’s a someone.
But yeah.
He was sending me jokes through text message and talking to me until he fell asleep all night last night cause I wasn’t in a very good mood and he wanted to cheer me up.
He’s staying in Vegas longer than he planned to just because he met me.
This person. <3

Also, Zikau.
Also music.
Also smoking.