22 4 / 2012

Of 100 followers.

Since I hit 90 I’ve never dropped below it.
I’ve gotten all the way up to 98 and then dropped back to 94 and it just sat there.

Now with banana-boom, suwabble, el-sc0rch0 and xxscrumxx

Hi guys, btw, in case you maybe missed my hellos <3

I’m at 97

And I don’t really care if I hit 100, cause I’m just happy my blog got 97.

I seriously never thought I would get past 10.

Hell 5.

And I love you all. <3

This is just a post about nothing.

31 3 / 2012

So fucking cute laying there sleeping <3
I wish I was tired so I could go cuddle.
But I’d just be laying there awkwardly smelling wonderfulness and being bored out of my mind.

So hai tumblr.

15 3 / 2012

The past two years.

This time in 2010 I never thought I was going to be engaged.
I was insanely scared to leave high school.
I had one of the best friends I could ask for.
I was going to be going on one of the most monumental trips of my life that summer.
I’d finally gotten rid of someone who was an immense pest at the time.
I felt really good about myself.
School was great.

I feel like a fucking idiot for having gotten engaged, or even dating that person.
I miss high school.
I still have one of the best friends I could ask for.
I’m good friends with that immense pest now.
I miss that summer and have extremely fond memories of it.
I feel even better about myself.

I’m more tolerant.
I’m less sad because I no longer live at home.
I have a much better life in general.
I’m proud of things I’ve accomplished now, because I’ve actually managed to do a few things with my life in the past two years.
I’m nicer.
I have more friends.
I finally have had a job.
3 in fact.
I’ve experienced moving out, twice.
I’ve learned a lot about people, and myself.
I’ve gotten to try a lot of new things I never had before.

Ultimately, I don’t feel like I’ve changed all that much.
But really I’ve changed a lot, in many small ways.

09 1 / 2012

I was doing crunches and I got distracted by my music and started dancing instead.

So awkward and sexual right now.
All kinds of wonderful.

07 1 / 2012

30 Day Zelda Challenge
Day 17- Something in “The Legend of Zelda” games that you want to exist in real life

30 Day Zelda Challenge

Day 17- Something in “The Legend of Zelda” games that you want to exist in real life

09 12 / 2011

I just want it to be Sunday morning.
So I can be in Reno.
So I can walk into B-Town, exhausted after the drive.
Go up to the hostess station and ask for a table for one.
Or maybe slip right by and sit at the counter until they see me.
And get glomped to all hell by my best friend and various other good friends from my old job.

And then go home, and come back at 3 so everyone on swing shift can do it all over again.
I can’t fucking wait.
I wish it was Sunday.

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