30 4 / 2012

Bored, and perhaps would like to do something serious for me?

24 12 / 2011

My grandma said a gray and white fox with a huge tail walks past her sliding glass doors at night. It’s time to go on a fucking stake out.

09 12 / 2011

I just want it to be Sunday morning.
So I can be in Reno.
So I can walk into B-Town, exhausted after the drive.
Go up to the hostess station and ask for a table for one.
Or maybe slip right by and sit at the counter until they see me.
And get glomped to all hell by my best friend and various other good friends from my old job.

And then go home, and come back at 3 so everyone on swing shift can do it all over again.
I can’t fucking wait.
I wish it was Sunday.

P.S. This post has many many tags. Hurrrrrrrrrr.

17 11 / 2011

There is a picture on facebook of a person.
The person is naked, they have boobs and they have pubes.
It was posted 15 minutes ago, and I’m fairly certain it was posted because the owner of the account it was on got hacked or got that virus or whatever.
It has almost 400 comments of people saying how gross/disrespectful/pornographic/etc it is.

Okay people.
1- A naked person is not immediately pornography. A naked person, is a naked person. Let me break that down. NAKED. PERSON. This means it’s only NUDITY. And they are a HUMAN BEING. That means they have FEELINGS, that means they are JUST LIKE YOU. So SHUT UP. We are all naked OFTEN, and though most of us probably don’t parade it around, it’s NATURAL. It’s not gross. It’s not disgusting. It’s not pornographic. It’s not something you need to be sheltering your children from. It’s a completely natural, normal, regularly occurring thing. So you’re already idiots.

2- If you are THAT fucking offended by it; DON’T TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE A FUCKING COMMENT ON THE PICTURE. This does a few things, due to the nature of facebook.
- It makes the picture pop up in the feeds of every friend you have, because you commented on it. So in their feeds it says “So and so commented on This and That’s photo” and then it shows the photo. YOU MORONS.
- Not only does it make it pop up in their feeds, but now whenever anyone comments after you, you will be informed. And you will click that notification and have to see the picture AGAIN. This means you will constantly be seeing the picture because you were too fucking stupid and low to just let it fucking go. WAY TO GO.
- You writing something about it, just makes your feelings escalate. So just let it go and move the fuck on.

3- No one. No matter how tall, short, fat, skinny, large chested, small chested, hairy, bald, pimply, smooth skinned, WHATEVER THE FUCK, is anything less than fucking amazing and beautiful. Every. Single. Person in this world, is beautiful. Personalities such as the ones expressed when shown such a picture? THAT is what makes you ugly. THAT is what makes you gross. THAT is what makes you disrespectful. THAT is what makes you disgusting. Everyone has a right to do whatever they feel like with their bodies. WHATEVER THEY FEEL LIKE. Because it’s their fucking body. THEIRS. Not yours, THEIRS. That means OWNERSHIP. So back the fuck up off of THEIR property, and worry about YOUR. OWN. Okay?

There is nothing wrong with someone taking a nude picture of themselves. Nothing. The only thing that makes it wrong is that OUR society deems nudity shameful. You can choose to view it however you want, but you’re naked all the fucking time. ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
So get the fuck over it, leave the person alone, keep your nasty pieces of shit mouths SHUT, and MOVE. ON.