30 4 / 2012

Bored, and perhaps would like to do something serious for me?

16 4 / 2012

1. You’re annoying, you bother me, your life honestly has no interest to me whatsoever. But just like last night, everytime you call me with a problem, anytime you need someone to talk to, whenever you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent to. I’ll be there. Because I may not like you, but I loved you. And that means something. So I’ll be there.

2. You’re perfect and I love you and you just make me feel and act so gay and then I just post it all over tumblr and it should be embarrassing. But it’s not. It’s not. Because I like being able to say the things I say about you. I’m going to miss you so much.

3. You’re perfect and beautiful and gorgeous and wonderful and sweet and kind and loving and the absolute best huswife I ever could have possibly asked for. Like you are really high up in my friend book. You’re bffl status. And even if you don’t feel that way about me, you’re stuck there. Meaning that much to me. You will not be removed. I love you. <3

4. I haven’t talked to you in quite a while, most of our communication has been cut, and the other forms neither of us are on much or don’t reply much or whatever. But from what you told me in our last conversation, I’m so very happy for you. You’re getting things you’ve wanted for so long and I’m just elated for you. Like seriously. Also I miss you and talking to you. You’re a wonderful person. I’m always gonna bug you when I get the opportunity.

5. Please just give me the few things I need from you that you owe me and stay out of my life as much as possible. Neither of you has really made it all that enjoyable in the past 20 years and I’d rather you didn’t muss it up anymore. Please stop breaking promises and being difficult and acting like children. Just help me out here. You haven’t much in the past, so maybe make up for it now.

27 3 / 2012

We were together for quite a while.
Not your longest relationship, but mine.
And both of most serious ones.

And now that we aren’t dating, you’re being a whiny baby.
I have tried to be your friend, but you constantly bitch about my behavior.
I treat everyone the same.
It doesn’t matter how I feel about you, unless you are my family who I’m not really that comfortable around, you get treated like everyone else in my life.
No exceptions, no changes.
And I have always treated you as I do now, just back then we were dating.
And if you can’t seem to handle it, IDGAF.
I’m not going to cater to you.
I’m not going to change for you.
If you wanna be friends, deal with it.

Otherwise leave me the fuck alone and quit acting like a god damn 5-year-old every time I make a sarcastic joke.

And I have said this straight to his face but he is in fact an idiot.
Who I ignore often.
But he’s also a fucking cockroach.

28 1 / 2012

I wanna be kinda drunk.
Or just drunk.

Sounds nice.
I wanna go to Reno already.

07 1 / 2012

30 Day Zelda Challenge
Day 17- Something in “The Legend of Zelda” games that you want to exist in real life

30 Day Zelda Challenge

Day 17- Something in “The Legend of Zelda” games that you want to exist in real life

04 1 / 2012

These are sick.

These are sick.

08 12 / 2011

2 of those 18 T-Shirts


19 11 / 2011

I think this is the cause of my unwant to do anything&#8230;

I think this is the cause of my unwant to do anything…

19 10 / 2011

The situation I have ended up in

And this time it actually wasn’t really my doing